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What and where we eat in the Philippines

Manila, PHILIPPINES-- My friends from the international community who haven't been in the Philippines are curious about the places,establishments,hotels,bars, and restaurants we have in the country. Some of them, especially the urban Johns and Janes, are hesitant to visit the Philippines because they have no idea of what to see here.Well, fortunately, I can show them a lot , because I am a self-proclaimed and hubby-certified foodie! So, let's get the ball rock 'n' rollin' in the city ...

My birthday is in January. Just like Christmas, having a  monthlong birthday celebration is not very unusual to us. But,thanks, because three days to go, and it will be February--  and that means, I can probably start with my diet. This photo was taken at my favorite hangout, Corniche Restaurant at  Diamond Hotel in Manila,on one of my post birthday dinners. Let me take you to the rest of my birthday feast.

Here's a better view of my seafood plate

A little of everything-- Peking Duck, Steak, Hong Kong Style Chicken, Salmon (they had crispy pork,but I didn't try it)

Yey, grilled prawns for me!
I went to the seafood station to get some oysters; and next, to the French station, to try  a little of every fine cheese they had. I put the cheeses on top of these oysters and requested the chef to bake them for me. Then, I got a couple of wedges of lemon from the Japanese station and drizzled them with Japanese soysauce. Excited about the yummy result?   Presenting my own version of Rockefeller Oysters!
Sushi Plate for my hubby
Tropical Fruit Bowl  (never mind the Cherry on top!)
Ready to blow the candle on this birthday Mango Crepe a la Mode
A closer look ...
My son Zekie praying for his carb plate-- mashed potato,pizza,bread
Somethin' from the dessert station
Now, we're ready for our next stop...
Still at Diamond Hotel, and this time, we're ready to relax a bit and listen to some nice music  at the Sky Lounge, located on  the  27th Floor
At the Sky Lounge, Diamond Hotel:  Behind us is a stunning night view of the Manila Bay
My sons Zecheriah (L) and Ezekiel (R) enjoying their mock cocktails while listening to retro and  jazz music

Traders Hotel's T Lounge, Latitude and

Traders Hotel Manila Philippines-- If your eyes are too dizzy to choose from hundreds of entrees which other fine buffet  restaurants offer, Latitude at Traders Hotel will not disappoint you with the chef's simplified recommendations. -- Since Traders Hotel  is located near Day by Day Christian Church where we attend worship service on Sundays, we often visit for afternoon snacks and unlimited flow of coffee. As the name implies...YES, free internet access!

Traders Hotel's T Lounge.  Club rooms at Traders Hotel Manila  offer afternoon tea  and cocktails to hotel guests. Love that cozy atmosphere with the matchless beauty of Manila Bay on your background.

Dusit Thani Manila's Sunday Family Crossover Brunch

 Dusit Thani Hotel, Manila Philippines-- Make your Sundays extra special by  taking your family to Dusit Thani, and experience an unforgettable Sunday Family Crossover Brunch.

 Imagine indulging yourself with kingly gourmet buffet spread, any way you want, from all of Dusit Thani Hotel's restaurants: Tosca (French-Italian) , Basix (Asian Fusion), Benjarong (Thai) and Umu (Japanese)

First off, you'll be given this colored band. Green for adults (today) and purple band for the kids (today)... The band is your pass to all of the 4 participating Dusit Thani restaurants for their Sunday Family Crossover Brunch where you can eat anything at/to your heart's content from 11:30 am- 3:00 pm ...

Restaurant #1--TOSCA: Although there are 4 restaurants to choose from in this Crossover Brunch, you will need to come back to the restaurant where you are seated. My family is stationed at Tosca Italian Resto. Thanks Senior Manager on PR and New Media Danelle Ruth Palang for arranging everything for us perfectly (not to mention that it's her day off). By the way, Mushroom Risotto is a yummy must-try!

Restaurant #2 UMU-- Here is where we had Tepanyaki and Sashimi . UMU's tepanyaki is a champ!

#3 BENJARONG--- Hmmm... felt like I had no space left for more food, and so, I just grabbed my drinks from the bar. I really enjoyed the interior as it gives an impression that you're in another country, specifically Thailand.

Restaurant#4 BASIX-- Here is where I grabbed my tempting desserts! When you come here, try checking out their dimsum, pecking duck and a lot more. Again, I have no room for more real food at the the moment...

More than the food, Dining at Dusit Thani is an experience.  It is for this reason that we keep on coming back here regularly. Compared to other local 5-star hotels, I noticed that it is at Dusit Thani Manila, where you can feel a real welcoming atmosphere where the hotel staff will never get tired of greeting you and pampering you...and how they treat their guests is just spectacular.

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