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Where We Eat in Manila Philippines Continued...

Manila Philippines-- As promised last night, I'll be posting up more food  blogs on this site. Just a quick recap,we paused on my post birthday dinner at Corniche and Sky Lounge, Diamond Hotel Manila, Philippines. All of these were taken on my birthday month, January. 

Next,we also traveled to Traders Hotel's Latitude Restaurant, and T Lounge.  And at the last phase, I gave you the feel of Dusit Thani Hotel's Sunday Family Crossover Brunch.

 For now, I'd rather accelerate a bit to cover more photos and tickle your taste buds,again.



Filipino style fried boneless butterflied  Pla-Pla  at Abe, Mall of Asia (Pla-Pla or giant Tilapia is known as St. Peter's fish in other countries)


Suman sa Lihiya  with Tsokolate Eh or Ah at Cafe Adriatico --soft steamed molded sticky rice in coco milk that melts in your mouth--topped with coco syrup (coco jam in a more liquified form) and paired with thick hot chocolate. This is simply, "wow!" and has been my favorite version of "suman"  since 12 years ago.
Love this gratifying Mango Tapioca dessert at Makan Makan Asian Food Village, Ocean Park Manila.

Nachos Appetizer at T.G.I. Fridays-- succulent and filling. It was served to me gratis for my Bistro Circle membership.
Big servings, kid-proof and extra friendly ambiance-- just a few reasons why we go to T.G.I. Friday's regularly. This, in particular, was taken at the Global City (Bonifacio High Street) branch.

TGIF--Grilled Jack Daniel's Pork chop for the big boy
The celebratory atmosphere is just beginning. After the TGIF staff sang a birthday song for me, I've got to blow this candle without delay...just before my icecream melts.
At Conti's, Nuvali --  try this mocha layered cake. Great with brewed coffee or hot tea.

Adobo at Conti's. Its small serving is ideal if you're planning to take a dessert or to try other entrees.
Conti's-- Strawberry cream pie for my niece Kaela

Some sort of banoffee pie, also at Conti's.  I forgot the name, but I never forget how good it was.
Not many restaurants offer danggit; and my craving for danggit brought my feet here at Conti's. By the way, Guernica's is another fine restaurant that serves danggit.
Wish granted...See how happy I am?!
Here's a refreshing watermelon shake from Xin Huang Hong Kong Cafe, Mall of Asia
T.G.I.F. Mozzarella is best eaten when hot. Otherwise, you can't pull it the way he does.
We don't  leave Fridays without having this burger, for dine-in or to-go.

Fridays French French Onion Soup-- I just like the cheese on top;the soup,though, is too salty for me.

Dulcinea's Churros con Chocolate remains unmatched,I think. I love the crispy churros,perfectly paired with the thickness and texture of Dulcinea's version of Spanish chocolate.
Look at how simple and tasteful Cafe Adriatico and Abe present their wide variety of fresh tropical drinks.
If you think you've seen them all, you might just be dreaming! What you see is just the tip of the iceberg of the wide selection of luscious breakfast menu at Corniche.
Fridays  Creamy Fettuccini Pasta Alfredo with freshly diced tomato is my delectable choice for tonight.

 My salmon plate  for lunch at Cafe Adriatico
A delectable steamed fish fillet in soy dish at Flavors of China
Presenting the Classic Savory Chicken. I was hesitant to feature this due to the poor quality of my cellphone shot;however,I don't want you to miss this recommendation. (In fact, a lot of my craving Facebook pals freaked out in hunger when I posted!)  Today, there's no reason for you to drool as there are Savory branches offering delivery service.
 Another low-quality mobile phone shot which I, nevertheless, am posting up to show how much I enjoyed Guernica's low-sodium caesar salad, pumpkin soup and garlic-butter bread, not to mention the elegant homey ambiance.
Kudos to Crisostomo turn of the Century Filipino Dining (Resorts World Manila/ Nuvali) for introducing our very own Filipino flavors in such a flattering level!  Sinigang,pinakbet,grilled tuna,crispy pata--name the Filipino dish in your wildest fantasy, and it will be served here perfectly.
1521,  a cozy Filipino restaurant in Burgos Circle, is another fine recommendation. The culinary presentation is ideal for  new palates familiarizing themselves to Pinoy Cuisine. The way Filipino dishes are presented at 1521 is adapted to international taste (so, if you expect authentic tasting native dishes, this might not be the place you're looking for).

By the way, if you feel that the more famous  SMOKELESS GRILL Restaurants at a reasonable per pax price are too crowded,  try  Sambokojin (though, prior reservation is recommended). 

Recently, my family found a  new home at Kulinarya Kitchen. Whenever we visit Rockwell (Powerplant Mall), we would always crave for the menu offered in this restaurant. I love the way Kulinarya presents its dishes--enticing color,never dry, always gourmet.
Here's my favorite entrée at Kulinarya Kitchen: Grilled Prawns Thermidor in red sauce, with bell pepper and cream on top, served with rice.
Still at Kulinarya Kitchen, check out how they present their Salmon plate.

Oh,well, since it's late, let's make a full stop for now. I hope you liked the additional menu. I'll be right back for more.

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