Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sharing my microworld to the world

Manila,PHILIPPINES--"Behind every photo are beautiful stories worth sharing to the world"-- that's what I've realized upon reviewing our pictures.

With my parents and siblings, we kept that tradition of always having something fresh, new and memorable whenever we get together at least once a week on our family day (usually Sundays,after the church).This tradition is something that I'd like to pass on to my decendants.

Looking at my two kids, I recognize how they have been growing fast. Believing that childhood is the best time to plant seeds of love and values to our children, I find it such a priceless pleasure on my part  to devote quality moments with my kids.
My son Ezekiel with my visiting mom-in-law ( his granny Aida ) from Hollister CA
Another weekend bonding moment with my family, my  siblings and their family

My sons and  nieces on a happy weekend
My mom and my mom-in-law poses at the front porch after a hearty dinner
Taken at Corniche,Diamond Hotel Manila on one of my many post birthday celebrations
Playing the popular guessing game "Pinoy Henyo" via Android  while waiting for our  food
Listening to good retro and jazz music while sipping their mock cocktails on a friday night at Sky Lounge, Diamond Hotel Manila
Just felt like eating out together  at Sambokojin in Greenhills for no specific occasion

I'm definitely not alone here. We're more or less 20 peeps, exclusive of half peeps, excited to try our own Spanish and Filipino food choices from Abe and Cafe Adriatico at the Mall of Asia.

Just had a series of post birthday treats with everyone in the family (from both sides) at the Mall ofAsia

Excited about their soup at Makan Makan, Manila Ocean Park
Mother-son bonding moment at Hotel H20, Manila
Stretching after a filling dinner at Conti's
Anniversary night out with friends at Diamond Hotel
No matter how busy you are, spending time with your loved ones regularly is a wonderful habit. It adds excitement  and inspiration to your life and keeps your mind away from stress. In the Philippines,regardless of the season, we always find a good reason to bond with friends and family, at any time of the year.

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