Monday, March 6, 2017

The Green Kitchen by BloggerMom

Hello everyone! In answer to literally hundreds of requests from my friends and followers, I'll be making my original recipes available for sale online and delivered right at your doorstep here in the Philippines. 

For Metro Manila residents, we are creating a strategy  wherein we will be able to deliver your orders within a maximum of three hours.

Without further ado, let me introduce to you The Green Kitchen a.k.a. The Green Kitchen Online or The Green Kitchen Philippines.

With our panel of professional culinary experts, dietician consultants, medical doctors and chemists partnering with us, we are currently developing healthful, great- tasting products which we hope to make you feel happy about! 

May I share, as well, that upon our soft launch of The Green Kitchen FB sites two days ago, there were esteemed establishments who signified their intent for collaboration with us through distribution of our products.  What a promising development, right?!

For now, may I request that you stay tuned and like these pages :

Thanks and see yah all later!

The Green Kitchen was created out of passion.  Homemade. Gourmet. Healthful Food. Lovingly Shared with the World.