Saturday, January 3, 2015

How It Feels to Have Received the Greatest Birthday Gifts

By: Cherry Moriones Doromal

5 January 2015--  Let's call this PART 1. Yesterday, my younger son Zecheriah (Strong) excitedly showed me a paper art and asked me if it was nice. Here it is:

Zecheriah: " Mom, I made this kunai. Is it nice?"

Zecheriah: Mom, I made this kunai. Is it nice?
Me: You made a what? (I had no idea what  word he was saying)
Zecheriah:  A "kunai" is also known as "uzumaki"
Me: (Wohow, a what?) Spell it out please.
Zecheriah : It's "K-U-N- A-I" ...That's a dagger that ninjas use.
Me: Oh.... That's beautiful! How did you make it?
Zecheriah: First, I got papers and followed in Youtube how a kunai  is made. 
Me: Oh I see. It's perfect! Excellent, Strongboy.
Zecheriah: (Looked like he's shy).  Mom, did you like it? You can have it. I can't give you anything on your birthday. It's just this kunai.
Me: (In my heart, I was feeling  extremely happy) Thank you. I love it and will keep it forever.

As my family arrived home from a post-New Year and pre- birthday get-together with friends, my older son Ezekiel handed me a paper, with a  500-Peso bill  attached to it (the value of which is about 10 to 12 USD) , bearing this message:  "We love you! Have a good, healthy life, live longer and have a lot of money. May God give you wisdom, and that He may always bless you. Sorry for being unthoughtful sometimes. P.S. This is my first gift to anyone that involves money. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  Your son, Zekie"

To give you a brief background, my 9-year old Zecheriah is so imaginative and creative and would always tell me that he wants to be a "weaponsmith" aside from being into the "mining business", where according to him, he envisions himself with lots of men who will work for him to find precious stones and gold for trading.  He's so fond of swords, metals, gems and chemicals and does a lot of artwork involving weapons and swords. Last Christmas, the boy gave me an "exploding note"-- sort of a letter bomb with "I LOVE YOU" printed as I open it. Isn't it cute?

Ezekiel, my 13-year old, on the other hand, is good at saving money and keeps on thinking of investments and business development. For that reason, he chose Entrepreneurship and Business Studies in their IGCSE curriculum in school. He's good in math and numbers and would always compute on how his savings would earn better. Despite that, he's generous and never stingy. But, always reasonable on his spending.

In all sincerity, I can't thank God enough for giving me my two wonderful sons. Looking back, I should say that  I have lived long enough to witness and experience the many  favors and miracles the Lord has done  in my personal and family life--more than I ever expected. I worry not about tomorrow (Matthew 6:34) as the Lord is my Shepherd (Psalm 23). My only prayer is that He may lend me a longer, healthy life that I may serve Him more and bless others through my talents in accordance with His purpose, and that I may celebrate life with my family and loved ones as I see them grow, prosper and succeed.

Today and everyday, I give praises,honor and glory to the Lord for everything! Happy birthday to me... Thank You, Almighty Father, that I am truly very happy!

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