Friday, February 24, 2012

Dating Ideas for Married Christian Couples

                                          By Cherry Moriones Doromal

Following the footsteps of my parents who, by the way, will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this month, my husband and I go on constant dating, so as to preserve our marriage bond. And it works— we get closer and happier each day.

While you might think that a Christian couple’s dating has to feel and look somewhat religious like going to the Church and attending prayer meetings, on the contrary, a married Christian couple’s dating can be a thrilling experience that creates closeness to the husband and wife.

Should you be curious on how we set exciting dates, here are some ideas, which I hope you'll  try, too:

As a busy couple, sometimes, we need to buy time by never having to leave our home. Attention, guys! If cooking for your wife is unusual, why not cook for your wife this time. Set the table in a romantic arrangement, just like how it is in a fine dining restaurant. Since you know your wife’s favorite food, take an effort to cook a simple menu that is made special with love. Present it the way a gourmet chef would. Complete the cozy atmosphere by lighting candles on a dim dining area. Play a classical or jazz music on the background.  That’s simply romantic, isn’t it?

Breakfast in bed. What a nice morning it is for a wife to wake up with freshly picked flowers beside her, and a matching sweet note that says: “Breakfast is ready. I hope you’ll like it.”  Prepare a breakfast-in-bed set and put it in a tray. Lay it down on the bed or on a table in the bedroom. Make the breakfast set look special by adding fresh fruit or salad sidings for more color.

 To help you think, here are some breakfast ideas:
  • Tropical Breakfast
  • Waffles or French Toast
  • Bagel Breakfast     
At home, my personal preference is English Breakfast-- English muffin, eggs, and orange juice and brewed coffee.

Movie time. Spend a comfortable night with your husband either in the bedroom or in the living room as you watch a good movie. Prepare movie time snacks and hot or cold beverages that you will both enjoy. Re-arrange your mock theater in such a way that it will look special.

Just to share a bit more, last Valentine’s day, I even printed a replica theater pass and gave my husband, and our two kids their own tickets, with corresponding seat number and  free popcorn  and meal stub. It was a lot of fun.
Picnic at the backyard.The next suggestion is a classic in our home. If you have a home garden, invite your spouse on a pre-arranged picnic with your kids, family or close friends in your own backyard. Make the occasion unique by making a personalized invitation for your spouse, and have her dress up just like she would in a real picnic. Prepare couples’ games to make the moment more entertaining.

Explore new places. If you have extra budget,it would be  nice to explore local or international places together which you haven’t been to, and create memorable sweet moments in those places. I personally preserve these memorable moments through photos and blogging like this.

Out in the sun. Nature tripping, such as hiking, canoe ride, biking, and joy riding.

Restaurant hopping. For a change, try going to different restaurants serving international cuisines and enjoy the food together. It would be cool to have a casual or serious talk about your short-term and long-term plans; or simply have fun reviewing the menu and services of the restaurant.

Couple's Spa. Relieving stress may be done together! Have a regular relaxing moment with your spouse by going to health clubs or spa.

Group dating.To avoid monotony, set a group couples’ date with friends and associates who have similar Christian family values as yours. It's a good way to strengthen your ties with your spouse.

As married Christian couples, let your love grow each day and establish  wonderful marital friendship along the way by dating regularly.

Photo Gallery
My baby sis Melody Arieta and hubby Pastor Efren Arieta

Dadski Ronnie and Momski Mercy who will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary next week...cheers!
The sensational couple Mark and Lily Doromal
My only bro Royce and Joyce

Cousins Rocky and Mirriam

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